August 18, 2008

Welcome back to the continuation of teacher training!

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Hello and welcome back to a new school term!

We are happy that you are a part in teacher training! We are also grateful for your contacts with the ministry of education. Now a new term is starting with more possibilities for local and global learning!

This homepage gives many possibilities to share learning in many ways. Through for example a homepage and blog, the learning get more visible for all! You can share your learning with others (local and global). It gives possibilities to make presentations, discussions, notes, reflections, questions and other observations visible for all. This is something we are going to work with together in the continuation. At least once in a week, new text and pictures shall be filled in this homepage from you and us!

Happy regards your tutors in MKFC, Stockholm College:

Emma and Xarbi


April 24, 2008

Warbixinta Dugsiyada oo kooban

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Dugsiyada Al-Baraka waxaa la aasaasay Novermber 1997 xaruntooduna waa Hargeysa Somaliland. Waxayna ka kooban yihiin saddex qaybood oo kala ah: Kindergarten {Nursery}, Primary and Secondary.  Ilaa maantana wuxuu sameeyay horumar wayn.